People and Contacts

2018 ESCI DEI Committee Members
2018 ESCI DEI Committee Members
Current ESCI DEI Committee Members
Name Position Email
Cara Santelli  Faculty and Committee Chair [email protected]

Gene-Hua Crystal Ng 

Faculty and Committee Chair [email protected]
Dario Bilardello Research Faculty [email protected]
Elena Chambers Undergraduate Student [email protected]
Maya Gilchrist Graduate Student [email protected]
John He Graduate Student [email protected]
Jabari Jones Graduate Student [email protected]
Camryn Jordan  Undergraduate Student [email protected]
Lindsey Kenyon Graduate Student [email protected]
John Mcdaris Graduate Student [email protected]
Jennifer McDonald Research Scientist at MGS [email protected]
Madeline Nyblade Graduate Student [email protected]
Samantha Perez Graduate Student [email protected]
Vera Pospelova Faculty [email protected]
Leila Saberi Graduate Student [email protected]
Mary Sabuda Graduate Student [email protected]
Lexi Stricker Undergraduate Student [email protected]
Shreya Srivastava Graduate Student [email protected]
Andy Wickert  Faculty [email protected]


Former ESCI DEI Committee Members
Name Position
Joel Barker  Research Faculty
Andrew Fowler Postdoctorate
Aaron Hirsch Postdoctorate
Kathryn Hobart Graduate Student
Morgan Johnstone Undergraduate Student
Elizabeth Lundstrom Research Staff
Jackie Mejia Postdoctorate
Jen Petrie Student Personnel Coordinator
Riley Schmitter Undergraduate Student


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